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delhivery - courier Office in India

Current company: delhivery , Switch courier Company

Delhivery Courier is a dedicated courier service provider operates with different ecommerce giants to help provide the fastest courier services in India. Delhivery was started from Gurgaon but eventually spread its reach to all the major cities of India, including Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, etc.

About Delhivery

Founded in 2011, Delhivery Courier service was established by Mr. Sahil Barua. The company is headquartered in Delhi and has plenty of branch offices which have around 150 employees who have around 50000 shipments and delivering up to 9000 shipments in a day. Currently, the team of Delhivery includes 5000 employees and it is growing its presence to deliver fastest courier services in India. Apart from that, the courier company is focused on providing customer support and a lot of options to its customers. The courier company has friendly and excellent customer support and provides dedicated helpline to its customers. The company is also offering its dedicated services to India.